Upcoming Publications

Next Publications from George:

1.) The Five Laws of Retail Workbook. Based on The Five Laws of Retail, and continuing the foundational thread that “Everyone is a retailer,” this workbook will enable readers to quickly locate where they are in the retailing process and use the workbook accordingly to move them further along towards success. There will be three main sections: Preplanning, Fixing, and Thriving. (1) “Preplanning” is for those readers who do not currently have a retail business but intend to start one. (2) “Fixing” is for readers who are currently responsible for or part of an organization that is experiencing problems, and who want it to become successful. (3) “Thriving” is for readers with businesses that are doing well enough, but who want to make things even better and reach the next level of achievement and success.

2.) The Five Sins of Retail. These are the things that a business or organization must never, under any circumstances do. Like running an ad and not having the product available to sell. In other words, over-promising and under-delivering.

3.) Business Values for the 21st Century. There has been a shift of emphasis concerning values. Great leadership, customer service, accountability—all these are what we talked about in the 20th century. The values that are most important now are Honesty, Community, and Authenticity. This is a sequel The Five Laws of Retail, expanding in detail on the three basic 21st-century values that Troy has identified in the current book, as well as others to come.

4.) The Story of the Catholic Church as a Retail Business. No organization in all of human history is as big or has lasted as long as the Catholic Church. There are only four levels of management between the parish priest and the Pope, whereas there are 27 levels between the CEO and a line worker at Ford Motor Company. In this book, Troy will tell the history and story of the Catholic Church from a business perspective.