How Book Reviews Help Book Lovers Decide What to Read

Have you read a good book lately? What made you decide to read that book? Many book lovers discover new books to read because their friends have personally recommended a book or wrote a review of the book on Amazon, Goodreads or somewhere else.

Readers help other readers out when they write book reviews. Usually a short review of just a few sentences is all it takes for someone to decide if this book is one they’ll be interested in reading or not. Your review of a book is most helpful when you name one or two things you learned from reading it.

book reviewIf you’ve read my book, The Five Laws of Retail, you’ll help other readers if you leave a review of it on Amazon or Goodreads. Here’s what on reader had to say:

It’s easy to read. It gives simple, great examples, of 5 steps, that if followed, greatly increase the odds of success.

Read the entire review and then leave yours at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Five-Laws-Retail-Successful-Businesses-ebook/dp/B07R95TH6H/


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